8 Films based on Gothic Romance books and available on Amazon Prime Video

There are some great Gothic films available. Here I list some of highly recommended films, including some new and some made for TV that you might have missed. This list is in order of the family friendly certification. The first is suitable for all the family, the middle are suitable for teenagers, the final films are adults only. Northanger Abbey (2007) staring Felicity Jones is a film version of the gothic romance classic by Jane Austen. 2. Jane Eyre (2011) starring Mia Wasikowska is the modern film version I’d recommend based on the classic by Charlotte Bronte. 3. Turning to … Continue reading 8 Films based on Gothic Romance books and available on Amazon Prime Video

9 Gothic TV Series on Amazon Prime

Carnival Row appears to be the latest that might hit all the right buttons if your buttons are SteamPunk Fantasy. (Suitable for age 15+) 2. I highly recommend this gem, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. (Cert 12) 3. Penny Dreadful is only for adult viewers. (3 seasons, Cert 18) 4. If you want an American dustbowl setting, Carniv├ále might do the trick. (15+) 5. Don’t miss The Living and the Dead (18+) 6. Another American setting: The Preacher is Southern Gothic (15+) 7. & 8. Are both called American Gothic and are both available on Amazon The 1995 (15+) Cult TV … Continue reading 9 Gothic TV Series on Amazon Prime

Gothic books made into films

It has been claimed that Dracula has been made into more films than any other single book. That’s quite something for Bram Stoker, a shame he didn’t live to see it as he died in 1912. I’m no expert on films so I’ll point you to the blog post https://ainsworthandfriends.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/gothic-film-a-brief-history/ about Gothic films. Here is a very delightful old Jekyll and Hyde. The book is currently taught in school and frequently performed on the stage. I went to see a production earlier this year which was as fresh as if it had just been written and as gripping as if … Continue reading Gothic books made into films