9 Gothic TV Series on Amazon Prime

  1. Carnival Row appears to be the latest that might hit all the right buttons if your buttons are SteamPunk Fantasy. (Suitable for age 15+)

2. I highly recommend this gem, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. (Cert 12)

3. Penny Dreadful is only for adult viewers. (3 seasons, Cert 18)

4. If you want an American dustbowl setting, Carnivàle might do the trick. (15+)

5. Don’t miss The Living and the Dead (18+)

6. Another American setting: The Preacher is Southern Gothic (15+)

7. & 8. Are both called American Gothic and are both available on Amazon The 1995 (15+) Cult TV series and the 2016 series (12).

The old one first:

And the newer American Gothic:

The oldest recommendation that I have for you is just slightly older than I am! from 1966, all episodes are on Prime: Dark Shadows.


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